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Mid-States Car Wash Solutions takes great pride in providing SALES, INSTALLATION and SERVICE of automatic car wash equipment from?? ? ? ???D & S Car Wash Equipment.? ?

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D&S Car Wash Solutions – IQ 2.0 Soft Touch

When it comes to satisfying?the expectations?of today’s?car wash customers, the IQ 2.0 Soft Touch delivers. Ingenious technology, remarkable wash quality and even greater efficiency make this D&S wash Smarter, Cleaner and Greener.??A high-tech?3-D scan?profile of every vehicle is captured along with “mapping” details like the luggage rack and spoilers. The IQ 2.0 washes best because it knows the unique size and shape of every vehicle being washed in the bay.

D&S Car Wash Systems – IQ 2.0 Touch Free

The D&S ?IQ 2.0 Touch Free?Car Wash System ?with ?intelligent, 3D profiling technology provides a custom, high-quality wash for every vehicle, giving your customers the cleanest, most reliable wash available on the market today.

The ability to completely scan and map out a vehicle’s size and shape is the heart of what makes the IQ 2.0 Touch Free revolutionary and unique. This approach to washing enables the IQ 2.0 Touch Free Car Wash to identify important areas of the vehicle (windshield, front grill, back glass, etc.) so that each wash provides optimal cleaning with minimum power, water, and chemical consumption.

D&S Car Wash Systems – i5000 Touch Free

The powerful?i5000 Touch Free?In Bay Automatic Car Wash by D&S is designed with proven technology adapted from our high-performance Quicksilver and D&S 5000 systems.

The i5000 Touch Free offers flexibility of recipes, has fewer moving parts resulting in less maintenance, and is more energy efficient due to its lightweight construction.